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Shipping Calculation:
In order to save you that extra little bit, we use your shipping address, pack up the items you ordered, and use either the UPS or USPS website to obtain a shipping estimate, which is what you will be charged. See also Shipping Guarantees below.

Note that since I usually ship via USPS Priority Mail (or Parcel Post), if you want insurance, it must be purchased separately, I don't require it in my shipping charge calculations (though I do include it as an option). Also, for amounts $50 and under, they do not give a separate claim number, but I do receive a green ticket to be used if a claim is necessary. The reason for this is that the smaller claims can be paid directly by the local post office, whereas the higher amounts must go through 'a process' and the claim number sent in to a central office, etc. So don't be alarmed if you purchase insurance, but I don't give you a separate claim number when I ship!

Payment Methods:
We accept checks, money orders and Paypal. Paypal is our preference, as it allows the fastest delivery of your items. Money orders, cashier's checks and Paypal ship next day upon receipt. Sometimes, if Paypal is received early enough in the morning, we can get the shipment out that day, but there is no guarantee on that. Personal checks wait to clear before shipping.

        If you don't have an existing PayPal account, you can sign up using the following link:

I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!  

Shipping Guarantees (these apply only for PayPal customers, sorry - it's due to the ease of transferring money via PayPal):

Shipping Quote Guarantee - If our shipping estimate is off by more than a dollar, and you have paid via Paypal, I will send you a refund of the difference.

Ship Date Guarantee - If we give you a shipping date and for some reason we miss it, we will give you a 5% refund, based on the price of the parts ordered (shipping not included).

Return Policy:
Although we don't yet have a return guarantee, due to the various types of inventory we carry, we will always try to make the customer happy in case of a problem. Generally, any refund will be for the amount of the purchase, minus shipping charges. If we made a grave error in our representation of the item, we will refund the full amount. The items must be returned in the condition they were in originally.

If you have any more questions, or suggestions for further info that would be good to place on this page, please feel free to write to us at shopkeep@stuttswap.com!


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