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If you're simply looking to recover/restore your old steering wheel, please check out my Swapshop Steering Wheel Recovery...

If you need tips on removing/replacing your steering wheel, check out the Steering Wheel Removal FAQ...

When ordering, please specify the Inventory Number (Inv #), where I've begun providing them...

Title Inv # Price Description Photo
Steering Wheel, 911, 3-spoke
434 $150 Needs recovering - previous owner apparently used it without the leather cover. Also, horn pad has strange pitting in it, though it does have the crest in the center.  
3-Spoke Horn Pad 599 $20 Black, good condition, looks good from the front, minor porosity around logo.  
3-Spoke Horn Pad 598 *** SOLD! ***
Black, good condition, looks good from the front, some minor rust on the springs.  
3-Spoke Horn Pad 583 $30 Fits 3-spoke steering wheels from the 80's. Black, could probably use a re-dye, but perfectly usable and presentable as is.
Steering Wheel, 4 Spoke, 944 585 $100 Steering wheel from a 1989 Porsche 944 non-Turbo (that shouldn't matter vs. Turbo). Blue in color, this car only had 60K pampered miles on it. Stitching has broken in a few places, but otherwise has little wear. I can fix it up for you, or at this price, you can pop it in and live with it as is for awhile until you fell the urge to do some sewing.
914 Hornpad 565 $35 Original 914 center steering wheel horn button. Item is in great shape. Does not include rubber horn bushing. 914hornpad_i565.jpg (11028 bytes)
924/944 3-Spoke Steering Wheel *** SOLD! ***564 $35 Porsche factory brown leather steering wheel from 1980 924 parts car.

Condition: Some leather cracking on wheel rim, good horn pad, you will need to exchange the missing plastic rear cover from your old wheel.
9443spoke_whl_i564.jpg (32791 bytes)
911 4-Spoke Steering Wheel *** SOLD! ***522 $50 This is a good steering wheel out of a 1989 Porsche 911. It is in good structural condition with the horn pad included. There is no horn-cancelling ring. It is usable as is, or I could restitch it, or it could be recovered. There are two small tears near the stitching, but I think they can be worked around if you don't need a concours finish... 9114spk_i522.jpg (41887 bytes)
911 4-Spoke Steering Wheel, '74-'83 488 $50 Yes, according to the Porsche parts manual, this wheel was available up until 1983, though I'm pretty sure by then almost all 911's had the Tony Lapine-designed classic 3-spoke 'sport' wheel (this one was sold as the 'safety' steering wheel, and some claim  it was designed to eventually hold an airbag!) For earlier 70's cars, it looks perfect, for the 80's models, I leave that up to you! 911steerwhl_i488.jpg (36889 bytes)
928S 4-Spoke Horn Pad, Vinyl, Black 379 $25 Factory Porsche 928 Black 4 Spoke Embossed "928S" Horn Pad/Button, Porsche Parts #'s 928 347 861, 477 419 689, removed from a 1984 928S low mileage/well maintained series car, is in very nice shape/condition!


3-Spoke Horn Pad 335 $15 1984 944 steering wheel center / horn button. Brown. In nice shape. Yes, it will fit your 911, or EVEN your 928 if it had the three spoke. Now, that's versatility!
Steering Wheel Back Cover, 3-spoke *** SOLD! ***339 $25 This 3 spoke lower piece came out of a 1975 911S. Same steering wheel used in some 944 and 931s. This cover is in perfect condition.
911 3-Spoke Steering Wheel 313 $70 Leather covering removed. Has extended hub option. Horn pad crest has some 'porosity'. Can provide close-ups. Turn-signalling cancelling tab broken off, needs replacing (use yours?). Also, some cracks on back cover piece. Do-it-yourselfers: purchase one of our leather kits and end up with a classic for about $110. When helping a client with more information on purchasing this wheel, it now appears it may have the smaller spline cross-section and hub of a 944 or earlier 928 steering column.
3-Spoke Horn Pad 280 $20 Another nice 3-spoke horn pad  
928S4 Leather Steering Wheel 285 $50 Black leather. Part#928 347 084 02. Please check if this will fit your year car before bidding (I believe from the spline size it will also fit 911s). Some stitches out although still tight to wheel. Leather on horn pad fairly worn and separating from backing. I could probably reglue that if you're interested. Other than that, with a little redying and some Lexol, this would be a VERY serviceable wheel. Even without the redying, it would serve well as a 'daily driver'.
924 2-Spoke Horn Pad 290 $12 This is off a 77 924. It is black in color. It has all springs and wire in back. It is in very good shape, some minor distortion in the surface on lower right, probably not visible without my sending you a highly magnified image (just ask and I'll do so).
Steering Wheel Back Cover, 3-spoke *** SOLD! ***259 $25 A very common problem with the Porsche 3 spoke steering wheels is for the back cover to crack and break. This is a really nice used back cover at a fraction the cost of new. Excellent condition.
914 Horn Pad 230 $25 This is a 914 black horn pad. This is used but in very good condition. Replace that worn, cracked or broken horn pad with this good used one!!!! The emblem is clearly embossed and the pad is in overall good shape. A good toothbrushing of the ridges on the outer metal rim at each side would probably be all that is necessary to clean it up nicely - they look like they've collected some gunk over the years, other than that it's very nice.  
Factory Porsche 4 Spoke  Horn Pad, brown, used
236 $25 PORSCHE written across pad horizontally, this should fit all Porsche 4-spoke steering wheels 911, 924, 928, 944, 951, Porsche part #'s 928.347.86101, 477.419.689, in excellent used condition. It might be a little wider than stock for some of the 924/944 applications, though I suspect it will still fit - we can check dimensions if you'd like. 4spkpdvl.jpg (7097 bytes)
911 4-Spoke Steering Wheel with Crest 168 *** SOLD! ***
This is an OEM 4 spoke dark brown leather steering wheel, originally from an 1985 Carrera but also fits 1987 and other years as well. The
leather is in good shape but has wear. It's in better shape than the wheel in my 1986.5 928S, which is where I was going to see if it could fit - I can get you better shots if you're interested. I think this has an extended hub as well, but I'd have to double-check to make sure.
9114i168.jpg (11074 bytes)
924 2-Spoke Steering Wheel 223 $35 This black steering wheel came off of a 1977 Porsche 924. It has a leather-grain 'rubber' diameter, but is not leather-covered. One of the little plastic rings that the horn pad pops onto is broken. You can get a replacement below, and I'll be glad to put it on before shipping. 924ster2.jpg (9750 bytes)
PORSCHE  3-Spoke Horn Pad 31 $15 This hornpad was previously on the steering wheel listed at the bottom of this page - I sold the wheel to a client who didn't want the hornpad, so now it's available separately at a bargain price! Use the same inventory # to order. pb280047.jpg (16711 bytes)
924/944 4-spoke, Used 214 $55 Off a 1984 944. Horn button works perfectly, wheel is worn at top (I can get you an enlarged photo of the worn part). Stitching in very good shape, except at top of hornpad surround area (I'll fix it for free if you buy the wheel). I'm planning on experimenting with ColorPlus FlexFill on the rough areas at the top after reconditioning the leather, after which I will redye it and bump the price up a bit. 9444spk.jpg (10155 bytes)
944 Turbo '86 4-spoke Steering Wheel 208 *** SOLD! ***
Brown Leather. Horn button is in good condition, but the rest of the wheel needs to be recovered. Comes with horn button attaching springs, brass bolts, and plastic pieces. Brown leather is badly cracked on top of wheel. Horn button is smaller than a 928 button but will fit a 928 4 spoke steering wheel. The wheel is usable as is, but the wear on top is unsightly. 944t4spk.jpg (8650 bytes)
928S4 Leather Steering Wheel 181 $45 Does not include the horn pad, needs recovering and the turn-cancelling ring is broken. I could probably stitch up the leather that's on there, redye it and put crack-filler in a couple spots and it would be useable, but I'd have to add $20 to the price to do so. Or, for $115, I'll recover it completely using the AGLA kit (see my Wheel Recovery pages for more info). You'll not only save on one-way shipping, you'll get a 'new' wheel (no core). Again, this wheel seems to share the 911 spline configuration, have me test it if you want to put it on a 911 (or 928, I've got a 'mule' for either). 928s4stw.jpg (13289 bytes)
944 4-Spoke Airbag Steering Wheel   $100 Does not include the airbag, came from a 1988 944 Turbo.
It has normal wear at the top of the wheel, good condition overall.
Color is black.
9444sbag.jpg (6766 bytes)
924/944 (928?) 3-Spoke Steering Wheel 162 $105 Three spoke with black leather. One of the spokes' leather is loose and will need attention (buy the wheel and I'll fix this section for free), but the leather is great and is ready to use. Note: it has been discovered that one of the spokes is actually separated from the rim, so please do not purchase this wheel at this time, or make me an offer based on that knowledge! mar21^06.jpg (13990 bytes)
Porsche 928 4-Spoke Steering Wheel, Extended Hub 152 $140 Very nice original Porsche 928 Steering wheel. Factory light Brown color but easy to leather dye or spray dye any color you need to match your interior. All stitching is fine, there are some scuffs, but otherwise it's in very nice shape! If you look carefully in the photo, you can also see the extended hub. Strangely enough, this wheel appears to have the same spline pattern as a 911 - ask me to test it on either my 928 or 911 before you purchase. 9284spkx.jpg (8426 bytes)
PORSCHE  3-Spoke Horn Pad 129 *** SOLD! ***
Another brown 3-spoke horn pad. This one is very nice. Git it 'fore it becomes part of a wheel restoration project! p2.jpg (8186 bytes)

PORSCHE  3-Spoke Horn Pad
110 $20 This horn pad is black and in very good condition, out of an 83 944. It will fit all Porsche wheels with 3 spokes. horn.jpg (3349 bytes)

PORSCHE 928 3-Spoke Steering Wheel
  $65 Needs recovering. May be used as is. Leather cover. The horn pad is in great shape. If you want to buy it as is (the leather is rough, but no holes or tears, mostly the surface has gotten serious 'scales') - for $15 more, I'll restitch the leather, bathe it in Lexol and you can probably use it for a year or more as is. Or I can recover it for you - just give me a buzz if you're interested and we'll work it out! Note: I just noticed that the turn signal cancelling stub on the back is broken. For $6 more, I'll put a used replacement on, or if you're having it restitched, add only $3. 928steer.jpg (8912 bytes)
Horn Pad Attachment Posts   $4 each With continual removal of the horn pad (perhaps as you're about to ship the steering wheel off to me? heh heh), these plastic pieces tend to break. Part #321.419.779 911pdclp.jpg (3505 bytes)
Horn Contact Ring 463 $16.00 Eventually, after you get a nice groove in the turn-signal canceller which sticks out of the back of your steering wheel, or you remove the wheel and plop it base-down on the concrete, you'll want to replace this part (#911.347.099.05). 911hnrng.jpg (4949 bytes)
Porsche Steering Wheel 911 & 914 and fits VW 75 $65.00 Porsche steering wheel. Fits early 70s 914 and 911. Although this is for Porsche, it apears to have been manufactured by Volkswagen. It has a tiny VW logo inside that is not seen when the pad is installed. This will also fit Volkswagens that are not equipped with a steering column mounted wiper switch (1960 to 1972 Bug, Super Beetle, Type 3 and Karmann Ghia). Padded rim and plastic back piece in very good condition. This steering wheel is missing the horn pad and 3 of the pad mounting plastic pieces are broken. I will be looking to fix it up, and thus increase the selling price, but in the meantime, you can have it for a steal! 911, 914, VW Steering Wheel
PORSCHE Horn Center Pad 52 $15.00 This horn center came off a 79? 924. It's in great shape. There's no visible damage. It looks to have all it's hardware(wires and springs).

Buyer pays shipping, via cashier's cheque or money order. Personal checks will ship when they clear.

Contact Blaine (Web Host here) at: shopkeep@stuttswap.com

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