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Here are some items of literature I'm selling myself:

Illustrated Porsche Buyer's Guide
$12 Second Edition Buyer's Guide - Covers all models prior to 1987
Definitive guide on what to look for or be wary of, recommends certain models for investment or driving experience.
174 Pages
Dean Batchelor, Author
This book is in what comic book collectors would probably call Good to Very Good condition - the main blemishes are a slight crease on the upper area of the front cover, about 2 inches long, and a coffee stain that seems to have soaked into several pages in the back, though it's only about 1" x 1/2" at its worst.
Bentley's Porsche 911 Carrera '84-'89 Service Manual Reduced!
This book is now THE book to get if you want to work on your 911 - the pictures are much better than the factory manuals, the descriptions are clear and concise. The book is just under 2 inches thick! This copy is in Very Near Mint condition - top right corner has a slight 'ding' in it, nothing major, and a slight 'ding' in the top right of the spine - also minor. If you are buying this for collecting, ask and I'll get you super-close-up pictures of any defects.
Order Inventory #406
911SC, 930, Turbo '82-'83
Tech. Spec.
$20 Book is in perfect shape. 

Order Inventory #345

911 911s Carrera
Tech. Spec.
*** SOLD! ***
This handbook is in very good condition. It is the first edition( dated March 30, 1974). I believe this entire series is now out of print and very hard to find, both from dealers and aftermarket. You can click on the image to see detailed front and back scans of this book.

Order Inventory #233*** SOLD! ***

I also have a second copy which can be bought for $20, in similar condition.

Order Inventory #388*** SOLD! ***

911spcbk_small.jpg (5302 bytes)
924/944/928 Parts & Technical Reference *** SOLD! ***$25 Temporarily Sold Out - am looking for more!

I have 5 copies of this (also) highly prized Porsche publication, discontinued in 1999. One has some minor surface scratches on the cover, and that is the image I am using here. You can click on the image to see an enlarged view and examine the defect I'm talking about - I'll sell this one at $1.00 off the cover price. This makes an excellent stop-gap solution for buying the dealer manuals, though by no means a proper substitute. It is an invaluable help in identifying the parts you need to order (from me??? heh heh), filled with exploded diagrams and well-labeled. It also includes many tips and information on updates. Indexed and broken into sub-sections for the major sub-assemblies of the cars. 172 pages of important information, this book is also somewhat of a collectible.

944refs.jpg (19232 bytes)
Chilton's 924/928 Manual *** SOLD! ***
I have only one copy remaining of this very collectible item. I don't know if the technical content merits it (I'd put it a step below Haynes), but especially for the 928, there isn't much else but the Parts & Technical Reference, also quite costly, and the actual factory manuals (if you can afford them, that's the recommended route). These sell for prices sometimes approaching $50 on eBay!!! Three of the books are still wrapped in plastic, the other two are in the same shape, they just don't have the plastic outer wrap on them. This book is now out of print and is a hot collector's item. 928chilt_small.jpg (5804 bytes)
911 Parts & Technical Reference *** SOLD! ***$17 Temporarily Sold Out - am looking for more!

I have 10 copies of this highly prized publication from Porsche, one of which seems to have light spotting on the cover, barely visible until I checked it closely, from shipping. That one I will sell at $1.00 off the stated price. This item is No Longer Available from Porsche. If you own a 911 and want to order parts, this is the alternative to expensive factory parts microfiches. If you own a 911 and want to see how those parts you took off go back together, this will help you see how to do it. If you own a 911 and want to check out some of the Technical Bulletins for your model, or tips on working on it, there's plenty here also. If you own any other vehicle, what are you doing reading this?

911pttch.jpg (3707 bytes)
Porsche Product Information Press Release 1999 $15.00 Information Relating to the 1999 Model Year, 11 pages with 3 sets of photos of the 1999 911 Carrera 4. Embossed pastel color cover depicts the new 911. folio1.jpg (12900 bytes)

As part of an association with Amazon.com, you can now purchase Porsche-related literature through my site. I will only advertise books which I own myself, or which I may have previously owned so you can be assured I am recommending these from experience.

Illustrated Porsche Buyer's Guide (Illustrated Buyer's Guide) I have the second edition of this informative book, and it has proven very useful when I was considering purchasing used Porsches (which is sort of an obsession of mine, as you probably know from reading these pages)! Buy it from Amazon!
Porsche 911 Performance Handbook I have both editions of this book, and love them both (although I think the first edition was organized a bit better, the second has newer information). I even used this book to create my VINtage VIN Decoder! It's like a Bible for 911 owners; if you own a 911 and are at all interested in tweaking and tuning it, you've gotta have this book. Buy it from Amazon!
Porsche 911 Performance Handbook This is an image of my somewhat tattered version of the venerable Haynes manual for 911's. Maligned by many, it's still your best bet if you don't have the factory manuals - I use it over Chilton's though I have both. It's best for the older models, with a brief supplement in the rear for the 80's versions. My copy is a 1986 edition, but I don't think it's changed much since. Buy it from Amazon!
Secrets of the Inner Circle While I've heard some people I respect make negative comments about Harry Pellow and his books, I suspect that's largely due to his irreverent handling of the subject matter. Either way, when I owned my '69 912, I read his books over and over and they were to me the equivalents of Bruce Anderson's 911 book. They are a great combination of quips, detailed procedures and work-arounds. If you're interested in working on early Porsche engines, or just want to bone up on air-cooled 4-cylinder trivia, this book and the ABC's and 1-2-3's of 356/912 Engines are the books for you! Buy it from Amazon!

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