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Title Inv # Price Description Photo
CD Holder, 996, Boxster
647 $30 OEM Porsche 996 911 Boxster Center Console CD Holder - Perfect Condition.  
Fuel Line, Accumulator to Fuel Filter, 911 (1980) 651 !!! SOLD !!!
NOS, still with Porsche tag. NLA from Porsche.  
Line Fitting, to filter (inlet side), 911 (1978-83) 652 !!! SOLD !!!
930.110.198.00 NOS.  
Exhaust Tips, 996 638 $200 996.111.252.55 and 996.111.251.55. These are new, or perhaps more appropriately, NOS, purchased for my car but then I realized I had a different tip. Exhaust Tips, 996 Inv. #638
Hood Crest, 911, '65-'94
258 $40 Part #901.559.210.20. Crest is brand new and comes with rubber seal that fits behind/around it. I believe a lot of people use this on 914s and other models as well.  
911 Bosch Distributor Cap (1978-83), 911 Turbo (1976-89) 614 $8 Mint condition. Part #1.235.522.053 Bosch 03-008  
Distributor Cap, Bosch, '81-'82 911SC 147 $9 NOS, though it appears to be in a box for a 4-cylinder distributor cap! Supposedly, according to the notation on the outside left by the person I purchased it from, it should ALSO work on an Alfa Romeo GTV6 '81-'85. Your mileage may vary...  
Porsche 911 Emblem, New 592 !!! SOLD !!!
Porsche 911 Emblem, New  
Oil Line, Camshaft,Right,911 '66-'73/914 '70-'71, 6 cylinder 591 $15 Porsche 911 1966-1973 Oil Line, Right Camshaft, New
Porsche 914 1970-1971 Oil Line, Right Camshaft, New
Part #901.107.348.00
Brake Pads, 911, Rear, '84-'89 589 $40 These are NLA, superceded by part #911.352.950.04, which run about $70 retail. They are for the rear of '84-'89 911 Carreras, and are factory OEM new.  
Rear View Mirror, 911 (1965-77), 914 584 $14 Item is in good condition, no cracks, but does not have the post to attach to windshield.  
Porsche Car Care Sample Kit 557 $10 This tiny kit is the perfect way to test out factory Porsche products. And if you like to keep cleaning products in the car, this will easily fit in your trunk or glovebox. This kit comes with a hard-shell plastic case (8" x 5" x 2"). Contents: Alloy Wheel Cleaner - 100ml Vinyl Polish - 32 ml Leather Conditioner - 32ml Wax - 32 ml Paintwork Polish - 32 ml Window Cleaner - 25 ml
Cassette Holder/Armrest 580 $70 Used, in good condition. Hinge is solid and cover is good except for a couple of small digs in the material. Will fit earlier (pre 85.5) 944 or any 924, but not post 85.5 944 or 924s (with oval dash). This may also fit 928s from the same area - I can check. 944armrest_i580.JPG (74027 bytes)
Engine Axle Ass., Cayenne, 4.5L Engine, '03-'04 553 $175 New, still has OEM sticker. Seen elsewhere at retail for over $400! Cayenneaxle_i553.JPG (40678 bytes)
Carrera/Boxster 1998-2004 Oil Pump Cover, New 555 $105   996oilpump_i555.JPG (96575 bytes)
Mirror, Driver Side, 944 573 $50 In good condition, with an OEM mirror bra included - stitching on a 2-inch stretch of the bra is undone, could probably be stitched back fairly easily - I will even include some of the thread I use to stitch steering wheel leather if you'd like. 944mirror_i573.jpg (29852 bytes)
911 Fasten Seatbelt Light 571 $12 A pair of the Fasten Seatbelt warning lights for 911s, OEM Part No. 911.632.012.01. With the cost of these elsewhere, this is like 2 for 1! NOS OEM, still in the package. 911beltwrnlight_i571.jpg (84767 bytes)
Door handles, 911, black, 74-89 563 $37 A pair of black interior door handles with 'upgraded' steel door pulls. Unfortunately, while these pulls will NOT break like the plastic ones, they are somebody's homebrew effort. They put a good bit of work into it, I suspect, but they ain't too purty. 911drpulls_i563.jpg (17815 bytes)
Door Panel, Interior, Right, 996 552 $150 Interior door panel gray in color for the right hand side. The factory part # is 996.555.382.00

[Coming Soon]

911 Spare Tire Holder 546 $15 Spare tire support foam. Used, in very good condition (the photo shows it with a good bit of dust on it, some cleaning would help). This is the piece that is found under the spare tire and helps to hold it in place. 911tirehldr_i546.jpg (79634 bytes)
911 Bosch Rear Center Reflector Panel 540 !!! SOLD !!!
Used rear reflector off a 3.0L 1983 911SC. I was told it was in fair condition, with minor scratches on the plastic. What the seller didn't tell me was that there are also some small cracks in the surface and some of the mounting posts are damaged, though I think they should be usable and some fixable with epoxy. The surface is also kind of matte. It DOES have the black letters though... Ask for closeups. 911rearlens_i540.jpg (22047 bytes)
Relay, Fuel Pump, 924, '79-'85 542 $25 Purchased on eBay as NOS, looks like it is, though it's been sitting on somebody's shelf since '93 I think from the notes scribbled on the OEM box (wooo - a collector's item!) . Part #433.906.059 or Bosch #896321 924fuelrelay_i542.jpg (121708 bytes)
Seat Rail Cover, 996 508 $8 New and in Perfect Condition in the bag...
Part #996.521.360.01.01C Seat Rail Cover

Again, I don't know about interchangeability with the Boxster, though the 996 part number makes me think it might not be compatible with at least some years...

996seatrailcov_i508.jpg (20729 bytes)
Turnsignal Switch, 911, '74-'75 513 $45 Fitment of this switch is specific to the 1974-1975 model 911's and it was tested to be working properly before removal (though not by me, by the person I purchased it from) and all wires and connections are intact and ready for installation. Stalk could use fresh paint, ask for close-up shots...  911trnswitch_i513.jpg (15781 bytes)
Heat Selector Control, 911/912, Early 487 $47 Pulled from 1972 911E. Part # 901-613-111-00 Excellent condition, blower switch works for all three speeds. Levers are tight and like new. Harness is all there and uncut. Direct fit for all 1969 to 1973 911 cars. With alumimum trim ring. 911heatcntrl_i487.JPG (50197 bytes)
A/C Receiver Drier, Boxster, '97-'00, 996 Carrera '99-'01, 996 Turbo '01 (944 even?), New 484 $45 This is an interesting piece. It has a Nippondenso sticker which marks it part #944.573.143.01 and another sticker which labels it a part #996.573.043.00. I imagine it's a supercedure for 944s from the newer models.
Turnsignal Switch, 993 494 !!! SOLD !!!
Used 993 turnsignal switch, Porsche part # 993.613.353.00. It will fit on all 993's and 993 Turbos from 1995-1998. This stalk is in excellent working condition. Also includes the cruise control and wiper switches as part of the entire module. 993switches_i494.jpg (19434 bytes)
Tie Rod, Turbo, Pair, New 492 $100 NEW pair of 911 Turbo tie rods. These turbo tie rods will fit all 911 and 911 Turbos from 1976-1989. This kit is brand new and has never been installed. Note that one of them has a small chip missing from the little collar at the point where it screws into the steering rack - I'm not sure if this is just cosmetic, but wanted to mention it. If you're interested, I can get you close-ups of the chip.  911trbotie_i492.jpg (11599 bytes)
Inner Headlamp Liner/Spacer Ring, plastic, 911 '74-'86 500 $5 a little yellowed on the inside, but otherwise good. Ask for picture. Ask for photo
Cigar/Cigarette Lighter 464 $22 I'm not sure which model this is intended for - it fits my 928, but has a slighty different knurling around the edge of the knob. It's used, according to the person I bought it from, but it is impeccable, no sign it was ever used. It was advertised as both a cigar and cigarete lighter - I don't know the difference, but I do know there were special cigar lighters... lighter_i464.jpg (11912 bytes)
Rear View Mirror, 911 (1965-77), 914 444 $45 This is the type that uses the glue-on pad. In very nice shape, some light 'oxidation' (whatever that stuff is that tends to appear around the edge of mirrors). Also fits 912s.

911rearview_i444.jpg (118184 bytes)

Fuel Filters, 911, 924, plus some other makes/models. 439 $14 ea. Vintage Bosch Fuel Filter, Porsche 911, 924, Audi, Volkswagon, NIB. Bosch part number 0 450 905 003. Made in Germany. 
Fits Audi NSU:
Audi 100 USA (K-Jetr.) 8/74-7/75
Fox (K-Jetronic) 9/74-7/77
Audi 80 GTE 9/75-7/76
Audi 80 GTE Mod 77 8/76-7/77
Audi 100 2.2 SE 4/77-5/77
911 2.7L (150PS), 911 S 2.7L 9/74-8/75
911 2.7L (165PS), 911 S 2.7L USA, Carrera 3.0L 9/75-7/76
924 1/76-3/77
924 USA 5/76-3/77
Volkswagon (D)
Dasher 1.6 Ltr 8/75-7/77
Might also be used on later models.

New in box, pre 1990. 5 in stock.

Hirschman MANUAL Antenna, Black 435 !!! SOLD !!!
Well, I messed up and got eBay-itis on this one - thought it was automatic, but it was manual, so I ended up paying too much for it, and don't need it. Help me at least reduce my loss, the price listed is about eight bucks below what I paid for the !#$#@ thing!

antenna_i435.jpg (11774 bytes)

Spring Plate Bushing, 911, Rear, Inner, Weltmeister 437 $24 911 rear spring plate bushings inner 1976-1989 Weltmeister. New, never installed, this is a set that will do both left and right sides.

911 Front A-Arm Guard and Towhook 430 $17 Note that the towhook shows the beginning of the usual roadrash, but is still highly serviceable. Please check the enlarged view for details.

911towhk_i430.jpg (33243 bytes)

911 Oxygen Sensor, '80-'83 431   This is a new bosch oxygen sensor that was never installed. The part number is (11047) Fits 80-83 911.

911 Oxygen Sensor, '80-'83

911/912E Turnsignal Assembly, NOS 423 $45 New turnsignal assembly for 911 '74-'89 and 912E '76, left or right side. Porsche part #911.631.409.00

911/912E Turnsignal Assembly, NOS

993 Track Control Arm 413 $55 This is a Porsche factory part (993.331.045.03). This item is brand new and in perfect condition.

993 Track Control Arm

911/912/928 Sunvisor Clips 405 $10 Part #911.731.331.00 New in bag (bag has been opened).
911 Floor Mat 400 $32 New, unopened floor mat for a Porsche. Factory original. Light beige/tan color. No wear, a couple spots from some dirt that got through a hole in the bag - should be easily cleanable. Unsure what it fits in, part number appears to be 911.551.012.17. 
Boxster Coil Spring 395 $32 1997 Porsche Boxter suspension springs - had less than 1000 miles on them when changed for special springs that allowed custom wheel mounting. Set of two front and two rear springs, color coded with yellow, green, and white markings. 
911/912 Door Catch 376 $20 For an early 901 body, with bolt spacing of 1 3/4". Part is new, but not in original box - NOS, again? $38.50+ elsewhere.
930 Tie Rod End, '76-'89, NEW 375 $25 Part is new, but not in original box - NOS, then? Also, does not have the little cotter pin (no, don't ask for a discount for that, wiseguy!) It does have the castellated nut, as depicted. $42.90+ at other aftermarket suppliers. 930 Tie Rod End, '76-'89, NEW
NOS Oil Sender Switch Porsche '67-'78 398 $25 New oil pressure switch. Fits Porsche 67-78 with single blade connector. It is not OEM, has Sankei Osaka marked on it.
911 Engine Oil Screen and Cover 390 $35 911 Oil screen, cover, plug, no damage.
911 Center Console Rear Support 389 $12 Brand new with part bag. 911 Center Console Rear Support
Fuel Filter 361 $17.00 NEVER USED Bosch fuel filter for a Porsche. It has two part numbers on it. The first number is punched on it; 0.450.905.021. The second number is ink stamped on it; 371.22.3.72. This is an OEM part. The cross reference numbers for this item are: Knecht FB657, M+H WK618, Purolator GF144. This item is in execellent working condition and has NEVER been used. Fuel Filter
911 Brake Caliper, Left Rear, Carrera '84-'89 340 $75.00 Left rear brake caliper (factory Ate brand) from a 1986 911 Carrera. Perfect working order with smooth piston travel and intact rubber boots. 911 Brake Caliper, Left Rear, Carrera '84-'89
911 Oil Temperature Sender, '78-'88 320 $20.00 NEW  911 Oil Temperature Sender, '78-'88

Buyer pays shipping, via cashier's cheque or money order. Personal checks will ship when they clear.

Contact Blaine (Web Host here) at: shopkeep@stuttswap.com
Updated: 13-OCT-2013
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