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"I want to thank you for the INCREDIBLE(!) job you did recovering the steering wheel for my '86 Carrera Targa. 
It looks like it just came from the factory! I have shown it to my local mechanic and he said it was probably the best job of recovering he has ever seen.
Thanks again for your efforts and I would advise anyone wanting to recover their steering wheel to speak with you first" - C.J.

"Just dropping you a note to say once more THANKS for the great job on my steering wheel. I just had the car in the Orange Coast Region (PCA) White Gloves Concours and got an outstanding comment from the judges on the wheel ! My total deduction on the car was only .9 and even though I did not win my class (somewhere in the top five) I would have never entered with my old wheel." - D.D.

If your steering wheel needs recovering, contact me to discuss my doing it for you. I will use the AGLA wheel recovering kit.Pictures below show the steering wheel in my 1980 911SC Weissach Edition, which I did a few years ago (note that I didn't recolor the center horn pad, so ignore it). When I showed it to a local Porsche garage, they stated it was one of the best jobs they've seen.






BMW 6-series 3-spoke


Although I prefer to obtain the
AGLA kit myself, for quality
assurance sake, etc., if you
already have a kit you want me
to use, let me know and we can
discuss adjusting the price.

Contact me at
with the Subject: WHEEL RECOVERY

* Currently, you provide the wheel to be restored, we do not have loaners (working on it, though)...Update: I do have a 3-spoke loaner available, or for sale (see my Bargain Bin)

If you need tips on removing/replacing your steering wheel, check out the Steering Wheel Removal FAQ...

"Picked the wheel up at the Post Office last Thursday. Looks really great!
Seams were nice and tight and the stitching job was of professional quality." - J.F.

Interested? Please check my current workload before making a reservation.

Sample 3-spoke
View an enlarged sample
Here's an example of a 3-spoke steering wheel, where the client wanted to re-use their existing leather. I Lexoled it for a day or so, unglued a portion to stretch out some blemished areas in the upper left-hand portion, reglued and restitched it, and redyed the blemishes to try and hide them further. Give me an e-mail if you have any special requests - if I can't do it I'll let you know, but I'm always glad to accomodate.
Sample 3-spoke
View an enlarged sample
Here's another example of a 3-spoke steering wheel. This one received a completely new AGLA leather covering. I have some other photos of the process, if you'd like to see some of the steps that went into doing this wheel. Why give away my secrets? Because when you see the tedious and sheer time-consuming nature of the process, you'll gladly fork over your cash!
BMW 6-Series Wheel
View an enlarged sample
My latest bit of work - a BMW 6-series steering wheel, using the AGLA kit. Note that I use the same stitching pattern as for the Porsche wheels, a basic X-pattern, as opposed to the BMW pattern, which appears to be an automated pattern, and, while keeping the seam fairly flat, I believe puts more stress on the threads, which tend to be the weak point anyway. For an extra charge, however, to be determined at the time somebody actually requests it, I will duplicate (almost - I can explain the slight difference I intend to use - it won't be noticeable, and should be stronger) the factory pattern.
stg46thm.jpg (3650 bytes)
View an enlarged sample
Another example of a 3-spoke that received the full treatment. You can view some of the stages in progress (with a hint or two on the process, where I could think of something to say).

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