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Steering Wheel Removal FAQ

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Table of Contents

  1. How do I remove my steering wheel?
  2. Are 944 and 911 wheels interchangeable?

How do I remove my steering wheel?

This is a quickly-put-together description, which I'll have to update as time goes on. It covers the 911 steering wheel, but most are similar, with variations mainly on how to remove the horn pad (which at some point I'll get specifics on for you):

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Are 944 and 911 wheels interchangeable?

Yes, with qualifications. Sometime, I believe around the mid-80's (please help me here, I need more precise data), the wheels became interchangeable. Before that, the 924/944/928 wheels had a smaller spline area where the wheel hub meets the steering column. If you have your wheel off, here's how to tell:

Here's a quickie description: in the 911-style wheel, the splines start directly at the edge of the hub in a diameter of about 1". In the early 944-style wheel, the splines are recessed back into the hub (if you remove the steering wheel and are looking at the back of it), with the initial 1" opening closing to a diameter of about 5/8". (Again, if any of you can get me proper metric measurements, spline count, etc. I'd be grateful, and I'll even offer you a little discount on your next purchase for exact measurements!)

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