Opening of McDaniels Porsche's New Facility 5/28/02

This was truly a wonderful present for my (haha you thought I'd say)th birthday - Ivette and I received invites to the opening ceremony of McDaniels Porsche's new facility. I believe this is one of the first to be built since Porsche's decision that their dealers had to have separate facilities from their other marques (yes, McDaniels sells something called an Acura)... It was a great evening, plenty of drinks and hors d'oeuvres, and I got to see a bunch of old friends from PCA. Of course, I immediately forgot to get photos of them - grrrr, I hate that apres-photo-frenzy realization you missed something important!... 

The new facility... --->

The new facility with a beautiful example of a 1986.5 928S in front!

Mr. McDaniels and Mr. Schwab

PCNA CEO Fred Schwab demonstrates the new Porsche dirigible - Look Ma, no hands! (actually, he gave a convincing description of why the new Cayenne might be more interesting than the average SUV)

Mayor Bob Coble

Check out the emblems on the petit fours...

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